Some of our courses have associated ‘further reading’ materials.

Please find below a list of the further reading materials.

FISA 202: Application of Pesticides by Handheld Equipment
FISA 203: Clearing Saw

FISA 301: Using Petrol-Driven Chainsaws
FISA 302: Basic Chainsaw Felling and Takedown
FISA 303: Chainsaw Snedding
FISA 304: Chainsaw Cross-Cutting and Manual Stacking
FISA 306: Chainsaw Clearance of Windblow
FISA 307: Chainsaw Felling of Large Trees
AFAG 308: Top-Handled Chainsaws
FISA 310: Use of Winches in Directional Felling and Takedown

AFAG 401: Tree-Climbing Operations

AFAG 403: Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s) for Tree Work

FISA 604: Wood Chippers
AFAG 606: Mobile Stump Grinders

FISA 701: ATV Quad Bikes
FISA 702: All-Terrain Vehicles

FISA 802: Emergency Planning
FISA 804: Electricity at Work: Forestry
FISA 805: Training and Certification

First Aid at Work (Health and Welfare)
Guide to PUWER Regulations
COSHH: Working with Substances Hazardous to Health: A Brief Guide to COSHH