English and Maths

Free* Adult courses in Maths & English

Thanks to an Education and Skills Funding Agency initiative we can now offer FREE* English and Maths courses to ANY adult who wants to achieve the equivalent of a grade 4 (C) at GCSE.
Not only will the courses improve employee confidence in everyday work tasks, such as sending properly-worded emails or working out percentages, but the training will also help boost productivity and quality of work.
After an initial pressure-free assessment to determine what level a candidate is at, our trainer will draw up a learning plan tailored for the individual.

* Check the Eligibility criteria

Functional Skills qualifications are designed to equip people with the English and maths skills needed to operate confidently and independently in work, learning and everyday life. The aim of this course is to allow you to develop the English and/or maths skills used to solve day to day practical problems and challenges, whilst gaining a qualification at the same time.

Who is it for?

The course is designed to support adults of all abilities who wish to improve their reading, writing or maths. This includes those who wish to ‘brush up’ on their skills to gain a recognised qualification to open doors to progression in learning and work, to those who want to increase their skills in a non-threatening environment in order to operate more confidently in everyday life and work situations.

No previous knowledge is needed to enrol on this course. Candidates will be asked to take an informal assessment to determine the level they are working at, followed by a diagnostic assessment to identify their strengths and areas for development. We tailor a learning programme for each candidate which means that they only work on areas where they feel less confident.


This is an accredited programme with Pearson Edexcel. On successful completion of the course you will receive a recognised qualification at one of 5 levels: Entry levels 1, 2 and 3 and levels 1 and 2.


The course is delivered in weekly 2 hour sessions. You may start at any time and work at your own pace depending on your level of ability. We suggest that the course will take approximately 15 weeks to complete.

What will I learn?


English – There is a formal assessment for English Level 1 and Level 2. You will undertake a test in reading which lasts 45 minutes and a test in writing that lasts 45 minutes, dictionaries are allowed. At level 1 you will take part in a formal and informal discussion assessed by your tutor. At level 2 you will take part in a discussion and a presentation assessed by your tutor.

Maths  – There is a formal assessment for  maths Level 1 and Level 2. You will undertake a test which lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes and is made up of 3 sections. Calculators are allowed.

English and Maths Entry Level  1, 2 and 3. There is a live assignment which lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the subject on which you are being assessed.


How do I book onto a Tyro Training course?

There are a number of different ways in which you are able to book onto one of our training courses:

Book over the phone

The easiest way to book onto one of our training courses is by giving us call. This process allows us to make sure you are booking onto the right training course and that all the information we need from you is correct and accurate at the time of booking. It also allows you to raise any questions about the training that you want to book

Book by email

For times when booking by phone is not convenient, we advise that you send us an email stating the name of the course you wish to book onto and the date you wish to attend. Once we receive this a member of our team will get back to you with a booking confirmation and may reply or give you a ring (if you have provided your details) if there is any information that needs clarifying urgently

Book at a Tyro Training premises

Of course, we also offer the good old fashioned way of booking by visiting either the Skipton or Scarborough centre and enquiring about booking at our front desks. A member of the Customer Service team will greet you and put you in contact with a member of the Sales team who will be able to advise you about the training and book you onto a course.

How do I pay for my course?

Payment is requested upon booking. You can make secure card payments over the phone by calling the relevant Tyro Centre Skipton or Scarborough. Alternatively cheque or cash payments can be made at Tyro Training or Craven College premises. It may be possible to arrange for invoices for training, we may make credit checks prior to agreement – please discuss upon booking.

Will my course run? What happened if my courses gets cancelled?

We always do our utmost to ensure all of our courses run as scheduled. However, occasionally there may be circumstances where a course needs to be cancelled.

If the course that you are due to attend is cancelled, a member of our team will get in touch with you to inform you and we will do our best to arrange for you to attend another date for the course that is most convenient to you.

How long do I have to wait for my results/certificate?

The delay on receiving your results / certificates will depend on the awarding body responsible. Here are some outlines on expected waiting times: How long do I have to wait for my r

  • Tyro Training Certificate – Certificates will be presented to delegates at the end of the course. Where this is not possible, certificates will be sent by post to the named learner at the address of the person who made the booking within 2 weeks.
  • HABC (Highfield) – Level 2 HABC certificates generally take 2-3 weeks to arrive with you, Level 3 certificates sometimes take a little bit longer and can be expected to arrive within 2-6 weeks.
  • ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) – It can take between 4-6 weeks from the date of the submission of your assignment to receive your results and certificate from ILM.
Which First Aid course do I need to attend?

Because the First Aid course that you require is dependent on the circumstances within your workplace, we are not allowed to directly advise which course it is that you should be attending. The First Aid section of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website has all the information you need to help you determine which First Aid course you require.

The HSE website breaks it down for you so that you know your role whether you are an employer, an employee or the designated first aider.

Do I need to do a Level 2 qualification before a Level 3?

For some courses you will be able to study the level appropriate to your job role and experience, which ,may mean you can complete a level 3 qualification before achieving a level 2. However some other courses require a prerequisite to be achieved before you can progress onto a higher level qualification. These vary across courses and in order to understand which applies to the course specific to your interest, a member of our team will be able to help.