Food Safety

Please see below for a list of available courses.

If you are working in catering, manufacturing or the retail sector, where food is prepared, cooked & handled, these courses certify you have the knowledge and confidence to meet your obligations.

Tyro understands that changes in legislation have placed greater onus and accountability on those with supervisory responsibility. To meet this legislation, correct instruction, appropriate training and constant supervision is essential. Our higher level courses are designed for senior staff and managers of food handlers in the catering & hospitality industry or food & drink manufacturing/primary food producers.

Our courses cover the theory and practice, providing advice relevant to your business delivered by experienced professionals. We provide CIEH accredited courses, or can provide our own certificates of attendance.

Food Safety

Food Allergens

Course price: £50

An allergen in food is one of 14 identified ingredients which may cause an allergic reaction if consumed. Some 2 million people in the UK have an allergy to certain ingredients in food and in many cases these are managed in a trouble-free manner. … [Read more...]

Course Start Dates Course Location
8 June 2017 Skipton
7 August 2017 Skipton
11 October 2017 Skipton
Food Safety

Food Safety HACCP Level 3 in Manufacturing / Catering

Course price: £195

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system that helps food business operators look at how they handle food and introduces procedures to make sure the food produced is safe to eat. This course explores the principles, legal … [Read more...]

Food Safety

Food Safety Level 2 Award

Course price: £80 (or FREE if claiming eligible benefits)

Everyone who is involved with the manufacturing, processing, handling or serving of food has responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers. This one day course provides an introduction of how you can ensure that the food you serve or sell … [Read more...]

Food Safety

Food Safety Level 3 Award

Course price: £275

Current legislation places the onus and accountability on anyone in the food business with supervisory responsibility. It is therefore vital that they are equipped with both the knowledge and confidence to do their job effectively Who is it … [Read more...]

Food Safety

Nutrition For Schools

Course price: £50

In January 2015 new standards were introduced for provision of food in schools as part of attempts by the Government to address the continuing obesity problems with young people It is an area of focus of inspections by Ofsted and is an important … [Read more...]

Food Safety

Personal Licence Holders Level 2 Award

Course price: £150

Under the licensing Act 2003, anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol will have to hold a personal licence. This course has been specifically designed to meet the statutory requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 Who is it for? This … [Read more...]